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Reflexologist - Current Opening

Manicurist - Current Opening

We currently have an opening for a licensed Reflexologist and Licensed Manicurist.

Ramey Dawn provides a supportive environment for the entrepreneur looking to grow or maintain their own business. License and certifications are required. Email or call us to join our team.


Join Ramey Dawn

Ramey Dawn Wellness Group is always looking for professionals offering services in the health, fitness, and beauty industries. You have the opportunity to rent a space and provide services to your clients at a convenient location. We support each and every entrepreneur at our center through brainstorming meetings and  communication.

Hot Stones Massage

Find out How

If you're interested in setting up your business in a space surrounded by other wellness professionals, please reach out! You can send the owner, Patti Manuel, a message at or give her a call at 336.904.0044

References are required.

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