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Massage Therapy

Many girls think about who they want to become in life at a very young age, some a doctor, a teacher, a caseworker, or a stay-at-home mom. 


Dreaming begins and essentially we plan to make those dreams come true.  I wasn't one of those people.  I took many different paths (some successful, some not) to find my calling, a calling I became incredibly passionate about!


Of all the many positive aspects of my life, one thing is certain, I love people - immensely! Caring for them, helping them heal (whether that's physically, emotionally, or spiritually) and teaching them ways in which they can care for others. 


A way to pay it forward.


It started with a daydream...  I was cleaning out my hope chest and came across this small plaster handprint I made in kindergarten. No idea why my thoughts were fixed on it, but staring at this tiny hand brought me back to a time when my dad worked late at night in the restaurant business.  Coming home utterly exhausted, I'd rub his feet and neck to help him feel better.  He'd say to me, "Jen you have golden hands, you would be great at this."  Isn't it funny how our thoughts do that?


Not too long ago, I started to pray about the massage therapy field and of course, when a new adventure begins, doubt tries to creep in. I prayed even harder that God would put me on the path he desired for me.  So when I started class, and everything came together so effortlessly, I knew I was right where I was supposed to be. 


I shared a very small class with two amazing women; we were the three musketeers!  We became very transparent with each other and in their youth, they reminded me that life was meant for new beginnings.  It's never too late to start dreaming.  I like that.



Every day I learn something new about the mind, the body, and the spirit. I'm grateful for that, and I'm grateful for my dad who planted the seed many years ago. He may never realize what positive words of power he spoke over me, but I do and that's an amazing feeling!



I love knowledge and lately, I've taken an interest in Botanicals, Sound Therapy and other elements of the medical field. New adventures bring great optimism and I'm approaching this journey with awestruck wonder!


Thank you for taking the time to get to know a small part of my life.


Blessings in everything you do,

Jen Bragg


Jenn Bragg, LBMT

Contact Jenn:

Cell: 336 . 831 . 5952​​